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Dr. James Lynn Davis — Your Dentist for Life

Pain free, Affordable, High Tech Dentistry for the Peoria, IL Area

Choose Dr. James Lynn Davis as your dentist for 3 reasons:


Dr. Davis is known for his sensitive, attentive, and caring attitude — which carries over into all the staff who serve you.

Folks who feel uneasy around a dentist office discover a whole new feeling here. Chances are, you’ll go home thinking, “I never realized a dentist visit could be such a good experience.”

(2) AFFORDABLE. Dr. Davis will work with you any way he can to accomplish your goals of a better smile and optimum dental health. He keeps his services as easy to afford as possible, so you can get the desired work done.

His office accepts a variety of credit cards, insurance, and other payment options. Contact the office for more information.

(3) HIGH TECH. Dr. Davis believes in medical progress. He’s committed to the latest dental technology for diagnosis and treatment.

New technological tools are not only more accurate and efficient — they also tend to make things more comfortable for you as a patient.

Join Our Family of Happy Patients Today

When you become a patient, you quickly find you are part of the family. Our goal is to make sure your visit is as pleasant as possible – that you are comfortable, relaxed and fully informed about each procedure.

Our relationship usually begins with a professional cleaning as part of a comprehensive preventive care program. You’ll also benefit from our customized recall program, letting you know when it’s time for your next routine care visit.

Using Advanced Technology in Dentistry

In our office, we use state-of-the-art technology as a tool for maximum care, safety and comfort of our patients.

Our digital diagnostic x-rays permit immediate viewing of the imaged area with significantly less radiation exposure for the patient. An intra-oral camera allows patients to see fine detail and have a better understanding of the condition of their teeth and gums. Non-invasive lasers diagnose tooth decay not visible to the eye.

The KaVa DIAGNOdent is a digital tool that detects tooth soft spots, which can mean a potential site of ongoing decay. The old explorer tool, that looks like a pick, is still used, but the DIAGNOdent can measure density where explorers can’t go, like in between teeth.

There are many other sophisticated technology tools available to meet your dental needs.

Most of all, you’re going to appreciate the fact that Dr. Davis is ready, and has the successful track record, to fully explain your options and take care of your dental needs.

He even makes his personal cell phone number available, to established patients, to ensure that he can be reached in emergencies.

Contact us to become part of the Davis dental family today.