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Teeth Bleaching Preparation

Watch Dr. Davis use a questionnaire to evaluate a patient prior to a teeth whitening treatment. A small percentage of patients may have medical conditions that need to be known and may prevent or prohibit a successful teeth whitening effort. Chances are, you’ll be fine, but this preliminary exam ensures patient safety and satisfaction.


Preparing a Teeth Bleaching Tray to Custom Fit a Patient’s Mouth

See how a teeth whitening tray is designed for you, so it fits comfortably and precisely, based on the shape of your teeth and mouth.


Teeth Bleaching Tray: Patient Instructions

After you receive your teeth whitening tray, you’ll be given directions by Dr. Davis. Watch him present this teeth bleaching information to a patient.


Anchoring a Lower Denture with 2 Implants

See how a patient’s lower partial denture is firmly secured between two dental implants.